Thursday, January 6, 2011

One More Thing

I have gotten a lot of feedback in various forums today, as well as right here in this blog. I have heard so many times that I am not the only one. Just so you know- I was kind of secretly hoping this was the case. I think nobody talks about these things, and I think there is a lot of shame that comes with this kind of thing. Even if you don't have 25 cats or a house full of rotting pumpkins. I hope my crazy can make someone else feel less crazy. Some of these things, I feel so weird and ashamed about. Some posts will be sentimental like the first one, some of them will demonstrate that sometimes, I literally hang on to garbage. For now, I may be posting the easier things. In many ways this is the most revealing thing I have ever done.

I do plan on eventually opening this here thing up for submissions. It may be a while. But please- if you want to, take pictures, write a little essay (approx 200 words) and get rid of one thing.  Just one. And if it doesn't make you feel awesome, stop there. If it does, go ahead and conquer the world! But remember- you don't have to conquer the whole world. Just your house, your life. And if part of your letting go process involves submitting your bit of history here, please do hang onto it until such time as I get more organized and can handle them.

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