Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#10 Blue Phone

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When I moved into my first place, I didn't have a phone. Well, I did. But the ringer was broken. I could call out in an emergency, that was good enough for me. I used to pick up the receiver a few times a day, just for fun. Sometimes, there would actually be people calling me. It was great. I felt like Yoko Ono.

This annoyed my friends. Some more than others. Colin was in the Air Force, stationed in Japan. He was always threatening to buy me a phone. One day, I got a mysterious box in the mail. I rolled my eyes, but had to admit it was pretty cool, for a phone. It was blue like the brand new iMacs were :)

Every time I looked at it, it annoyed me. Until September 11th, 2001. On that day, if Colin hadn't called to reassure me that everything was fine, I would have freaked out a lot more. In the days following, he called me almost daily. He used all of his phone time on me, until his mom got mad.

That period of our friendship was the closest. It's one of the parts I miss most.

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