Saturday, January 8, 2011

#3 Badgers Shot Glass

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The first summer my husband and I were dating, he was broke. There were no jobs that didn't require a car. Neither of us had a vehicle, and he had pretty much no hope of finding one in his price range.

Then, our friend decided to move to Boston, and offered to sell his POS Lumina for $100. The passenger window was broken and there were little bits of glass all over inside. It was in rough shape. But it meant we could go places that were further away than a mile or two, and not have to be home by six. It meant he could score a delivery job and actually afford to pay rent and eat without "burdening" me (he was very proud).

As shitty as that car was, it meant a lot to him/us. When it died and went to car heaven, it was hard to see it go. I wanted to save a piece of it, but everything was bolted down, of course. Except a couple things we found in the trunk .

This shot glass was one of them.

We realized weeks later that my Dr. Demento CD was still in the stereo when the car was smashed. Oops.

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